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Techno Voyager



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Introducing the ENCAPSULATED Men's T-shirt, a cosmic fusion of solitude and sonic exploration. The shirt features a graphic of an astronaut peacefully floating through space, encapsulated in the vastness—a visual metaphor for the immersive experience of electronic music.

ENCAPSULATED embodies the solitary journey through the sonic cosmos that electronic music provides. The astronaut, suspended in space, symbolizes the individual listener enveloped in the atmospheric beats and melodies. It's a representation of the personal voyage into the expansive and transformative realms of electronic soundscapes.

Crafted for comfort and style, the ENCAPSULATED Men's T-shirt invites wearers to embrace the introspective journey that electronic music offers. Let the graphic be a visual connection to the solitary exploration of beats that transcends the earthly constraints. With ENCAPSULATED, your attire becomes a wearable emblem of the personal odyssey through the electronic cosmos. Step into the rhythm where the astronaut becomes a symbol of the individual's encapsulated journey through the boundless expanse of sound.

Size guide

XS (cm) 68.6 42 78.7-86.4
S (cm) 71.1 45.7 86.4-94
M (cm) 73.7 50.8 96.5-104.1
L (cm) 76.2 55.9 106.7-114.3
XL (cm) 78.7 61 116.8-124.5
2XL (cm) 81.3 66 127-134.6
3XL (cm) 83.8 71.1 137.2-144.8
4XL (cm) 86.4 76.2 147.3-155
5XL (cm) 89 78.7 157.5-165

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