About Us

Electronic music has followed us from our early youth and now well into adulthood.

It has been a constant in our lives and filled the soundtrack for many amazing memories along the way. 

It got us dancing, dancing and then… dancing some more into the wee hours of the morning, and with great friends along the way. 

Electronic music for us is entwined with the rhythm of our heartbeat and nothing gets our heart racing like it. 

When we started our @technovoyager Instagram page, we wanted to combine two of our big passions: sci-fi and electronic music. 

We thought the sci-fi backdrops chosen for each track accurately describe the track and give it a new angle, a new point of view - the same but somehow different, with some added dimension. 

So naturally, we thought about creating some designs that combine these two loves of ours and accurately describe some of the feelings we have felt on the dance floors of the parties and after parties we had the pleasure of being a part of. 

They’re feelings and thoughts we all feel but don’t say so we thought we could have our clothes and accessories collection say it for us ')


Much love, 

The Techno Voyager Team